PHP tutorial in Nepal

PHP is widely used web based programming language. It runs on server and provides output to the user. To run php code , first download WAMP Server. WAMP is the combination of Apache server, MySql Server and PHP. You can google for wamp server and install in windows computer. WAMP is installed in c:\wamp folder by default. Make sure wamp server is running by looking a green 'W' icon in the System Tray where windows time and sound icon is displayed. If its not running you need to run it from program menu.

To run any php file you need to put the file in c:\wamp\www folder so lets create a php file inside the www folder named hello.php.

then, you can test php by simple first hello world printing. write:


echo "hello world!";


To test it , in the browser like chrome, goto

you will see hello world! message displaying in the browser.