Kids Baby Piano for Android Phone

This application is designed to play keyboard or piano sound. It consists of 7 + 5 keys. Its a basic piano designed for kids so don't expect full keyboard experience. It also consists of 10 animal sound. Children can play with those sound too. All the buttons are colorful.

Kids game piano will help children to understand sound and learn detect various sound effects. Child can learn to play musical instrument and develop his memory concentration. Kids can use their imagination power to create new music. Kids can explore different animal sound included in this musical piano. We have included sound of cat , dog, owl, baby sound, tiger , telephone sound , rooster, elephant, crow. Kids can understand the sound of various animals while playing.

This kids piano does support multi touch too. He can touch with all his finger and have fun playing multiple musical piano sound. The touch piano support depends on your mobile phone features. Whole family can enjoy this baby piano have fun together spending playing learning musical piano and exploring various animal sound.


You can download  children piano android app from the following link.