Super Witchs World adventure platform game Android Game Nepal

Super Witch's World is a adventure platform game where you act as a witch with a magic broom. You can fly and play this game. 
You can fly over jungles and desert collecting various items.
Super Witch's World move on to platform after mining required power potions and lost hats. 
If you have insufficient platform moving items you will be notified to collect them.
Crow with stones are very chalanging to overcome. They throw you stones and kill you.
Cat is easy to handle. This is not straight forward to collect items , sometime you need to
loose a life to collect potions and hat, or watch out the hat may drop down way below before even you realise you explored it.
The game gets concept of running game but it impliments the flying person instead of running. You just need to press a up button to fly
you can even run without flying if possible.


Open google play store: adventure platform game


How to play Super Witch's World adventure platform game

The game starts with jungle platform, the beginners few level are easy to play. Just collect potions and hidden hat.
You might need to use bullet for some stuck potions or hat. 
So better save available bullet instead of shooting enemys.
You can stump over enmy and kill them.

Features of Super Witch's World Game
The game consists of hidden items so its very exiting to find them.
You need to impliment logic to get some items.
Exiting four world with jungles and dessert location feeling.
Powerup , bullets, potions , hats to find.
Simple touch buttons easy to play game.
Addative game with physics simulation.
Dangerous enemys to as obstacles collecting hats and potions.

Super Witch's World adventure platform game is a platform running , shooting and adventure game with physics simulation.

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