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job oriented software development course in nepal

Putalisadak, Kathmandu


Frequently Asked Questions


> यो कति महिने Course हो

३ महिना

> यो Course को लागि खर्च कति लाग्छ ।

Rs 15,000/-

> उमेर, पढाइ कति हुनु पर्छ ।

१५ वर्ष देखि माथी, बाठो, logic लगाएर काम गर्ने नेचरको मान्छेलाइ सहज हुन्छ ।

> Software Develop गर्न सक्ने हो कि होइन interesting लाग्ने हो होइन Demo class ?

, सुरूको २ दिन हाम्रो Demo Class मा अाउनुहोस हामी तपाइलाइ Counseling गर्ने छौ ।

> अाफ्नै Laptop हुनु जरूरी छ ?

अाफ्नै Laptop हुनुपर्छ र Training को लागि लिएर अाउनु पर्नेछ ।

> दैनिक कति समय दिनु पर्छ ?

Training hours को हुन्छ , घरमा ३-hours अाफै Practice गर्दा राम्रो हुन्छ ।

> Office Location .

PutaliSadak , Opposite to Century Commercial Bank , भेट्ने समय : 12 PM to 4 PM

> IT Student ले यो Course लिन पाउछ ?

IT Student को लागि Job/Career Oriented नभएर College को Project Oriented हुन्छ , Job Seeker को Group मा राखेर पढाइने छैन । [...] c# course for SEE students with microsoft sql server training course is running for SEE sutdents for special discounted cost.

contact us through email.

Super Witchs World adventure platform game Android Game Nepal

Super Witch's World is a adventure platform game where you act as a witch with a magic broom. You can fly and play this game. 
You can fly over jungles and desert collecting various items.
Super Witch's World move on to platform after mining required power potions and lost hats. 
If you have insufficient platform moving items you will be notified to collect them.
Crow with stones are very chalanging to overcome. They throw you stones and kill you.
Cat is easy to handle. This is not straight forward to collect items , sometime you need to
loose a life to collect potions and hat, or watch out the hat may drop down way below before even you realise you explored it.
The game gets concept of running game but it impliments the flying person instead of running. You just need to press a up button to fly
you can even run without flying if possible.


Open google play store: adventure platform game



Cyber Cafe Software in Nepal

New version of Ant Cyber Software is released, this version have few minor bug fixed, the auto unblock mode in client pc will not be implimented if the window is blocked by admin or it was timed up. Now admin can disable the 'auto unblock if connection error' feature, Admin can then unblock going to client computer, clicking few time in the time displayed label and entering password.cyber cafe software admin


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Special Programming Course For Absolute Beginners

Programming involves logic and idea, if you are a person who can apply logic and ideas doing any work you can easily learn progarmming language. If you want to start programming language as your new career but dont how how to start you can take this course. We provide you easy learning method while learning programming language. The most important part of learning programming language is to understand the basic logic. 

With this course you will understand the basic of programming language, why, how, when to use various code logic. Please contact us to take this course, the course wont look for a group of student, you single can take this course. Just send us email right now. [...]

About Us

Ant Software is established to enhance your programming skill. We have various software development course to fulfill your needs. Our course is all based on practical material. The course starts from basic information to the final project work. [...]

Software Training in Nepal

Practical work is the key factor for learning software development. We mainly focus on project work and provide good support and guiadance to students even after their allocated training period. Students are encouraged to code in group so they can developed full featured software they can sell in local market. We help student to choose software title which we can sell in our country Nepal. Our training will provide confidence to the student start their carrer as Software Developer.


Android Training in Nepal
Advanced Course